Type/ Tipo
Careful with
Claws and teeth. They can be buried deep inside energetic tissue and not be seen. Same with the tail.
It can be totally random. They can jump from one human to another, at will.
What are they?

Anthills are conscious beings. IN GENERAL they had VERY bad temper. They feed off the frustration, guilt, and embarrassment they generate when their guests loses things, mess up her/his/their schedules, or have one small problem after another. It is important to say that they are quite resistant, and can tear energetic tissue.

Most of the time, they are easily spot, being “on the surface” of the energy field. Not every intelligent either.

How to remove them

Open a portal to their plane. Wrap in light (warm and golden works well), until you are sure you have the ENTIRE anthill (including tail, claws, and teeth) inside the light. Move slowly, making sure you're not tearing anything. Have it go through the portal. (Remember to do it with love and good wishes) close the portal