SOPHIA the mighty, Fairy savior
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Sophia is on her way home from her gymnastics class when she hears a cry for help! But is ready for the little fairy on her way? A wind storm, a frightened fairy baby AND MORE! Come read, download, listen to the story or watch the storytelling video! FREE Ebook and activity pack 🙃


A lovingly commissioned story, written and illustrated specially for Sophia Subina
by Sofía Idiel

Edited by Lisa Carter

Dory, nory, ory, rory, it’s time to tell a story!

Sophia was just coming back from her gymnastics class on a very windy, windy
afternoon, when she heard a cry for help.

Sofía busca de donde vienen los pedidos de ayuda

“Mom! Mom! Mommy! Mommy!”

Sophia thought that maybe a younger kid had gotten lost, so she looked around to see if she could help. But she couldn’t see anybody. As she kept on looking, she kept hearing the voice, but it seemed to be very far way… It was such a tiny voice!

And then she realized that, wow! It wasn’t somebody asking for help. At least not a human somebody.

Bebé hada perdido

You see, standing next to a stone to protect himself from the wind, and covering himself with a leaf while he held on tight to a stuffed unicorn, there was a fairy toddler.

“Oh my gosh!” thought Sophia. “What do you say to a fairy toddler in distress?”

Well, she started by very carefully and lovingly picking up the little baby, and then she asked😀“Hi, are you lost? Have you lost your mom? I can help! Don’t worry. I’ll help you look for her.”

Sofía toma al bebé hada

But as she turned around to go look for her mom and ask her what to do, she heard another cry for help.

“Help! Help! Oh dear, heeeeeeeelp!”

mamá hada arrastrada por la tormenta

And sure enough, when she looked up, there was the fairy mom, being carried away in the windstorm!

There wasn’t a second to lose! Sophia took the little baby and the stuffed unicorn, placed them in her bike basket, and jumped on the bike. She raced after the mom, to see if she could save her. Now, Sophia had just learned to ride that bike, but pedal she did, with all her might.

Sofía trata de alcanzar a la mamá hada

But it was not use! The wind kept carrying the poor fairy mom away and farther away! Presently, it even took her above some trees, and how could Sophia possibly follow her there?

Well, the fairy toddler, he was there and he wanted to help, too. So he fumbled a little bit and opened the zipper in the unicorn’s belly. And then, fumbling a little more, he shook the unicorn all over.

bebé hada sacude su peluche

Out of the unicorn’s belly came a cascade of fairy dust that covered the baby, Sophia, and the bike. And as Sophia was pedaling, she started to feel lighter…and together with the bike and by fairy magic…she was flying.

Sofía vuela con su bici :D

Oh! What an awesome feeling it was to fly! Sophia loved it! And she wasn’t afraid at all! But she didn’t get distracted. Her eyes were on the fairy mom, and she pedaled even harder, until she was just within reach… She just had to stretch a little bit…

It was really good that in gymnastics class Sophia had learned so much. ’Cause she had to stand on the bike seat to be able to catch the fairy mom!

sofia rescata a mamá hada

Soon after, Sophia, the fairy mom, the fairy baby, and the stuffed unicorn landed safely next to Sophia’s yard.

Oh, the fairy mom was ever so grateful, for she had thought her baby was lost forever in that storm!

From then on, they both became really good friends with Sophia, and Sophia learned heaps of fairy things. And she came to be known as Sophia the Mighty in all the surrounding fairy kingdoms.

sofia y las hadas se abrazan

Weeee…. Wasn’t that story splendid? I hope you liked it, ‘cause it has now ended.

The End

This story was edited, to make sure none of my grammar and typing mistakes reached you, by the amazing Lisa Carter, owner of

I would specially like to thank Patreon BENEFACTOR Jacob Slaughter, who is an Angel of the Realm at Patreon

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